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Scenic landscape & Gentle water

upcoming dates

Start time 9.45am unless stated otherwise.


Tuesday 5th September
Friday 15th September
Sunday 24th September

Saturday 30th September
Saturday 7th October

Start time is always 9.45am, we are generally back to La Mariposa for lunch at 1.30ish.

As we need minimum numbers for this event, we have set dates. If they don't suit your itinerary, please get in touch, we might be able to add a date in for you! If you have a large enough party that wants to do it, we might be able to fix a date for you especially!


Our kayaking experiences are held on a serene & calm lake which has some fascinating topography, surrounded by pine forest hills and some aquatic cave formations that are only accessible from the water. 


A leisurely event great for all ages in a stunning area of natural beauty, perfect for enjoying the sunshine with the rest of your clan before enjoying a leisurely lunch (and a well earned G&T ) back on the terrace at La Mariposa.

prices & Tour Info

We operate this event on the Embalse de la Cierva reservoir, translating to "Doe's Basin", it's about 25 minutes from La Mariposa..

This is a perfect activity to enjoy with your family and friends, the lake is in a very scenic location and the water is very gentle. We get ready, choosing and fitting our lifejackets before leaving and then we leave in our mini-buses and head in the direction of Mula, a town below the Embalse. (The Embalse is elevated above the town behind the Castle) Once there, we will suit up and go through our safety talk and tuition.


Single Kayak   €59 cash / 69€ normal price 

Double Kayak €89 cash / 109€ normal price 

**Please note, the youngest age permitted for this activity is 6 Years Old. We recommend that anyone under the age of 12 go in a double kayak.**


 - Kayaking Experience

 - Full Tuition

 - Use of Safety Equipment

 - Experienced Instructor

 - Transport to and from lake
-  Insurance cover

 - A meal to the value of 12€ at a local restaurant.

- An amazing family day out, and great memories!

Into the kayaks and out on the cerulean waters of the lake. Admiring the pine covered banks and the cool water. You'll get to explore the lake and it's inlets by kayak with our guide and monitor. Chatting and learning as you go. 

If you're lucky, you'll get to see some large water birds or maybe a terrapin that calls the lake home. 

About halfway through the activity, you'll get the chance to enter a cave - Water level dependant - and disembark for some rock jumping if you so wish. 

Returning to the open water, you'll start paddling for the finish point as you'll now be feeling the activity in your shoulders.

Once back on terra firma, you'll get a few moments to explore the shoreline while the kayaks are loaded back up, before returning to HQ where you can make the most of our changing facilities and enjoy your Meal.


Fancy combining 2 (or more!) activities?

How about an overnight stay in a rural hotel that we're based from?

Check out our combo & multi night adventure pages, where you can see some packages & special discounts!

frequently asked questions & help

If you have any further questions, we'd recommend checking out our FAQ page which is laid out in an easy to read and understand format. In fact, even if you don't have any questions, we'd recommend that you check it out for a quick glance! 

If you can't see the answer to your question, we'd be happy to help if you'd like to drop us an email!

Image by Xiaoyang Ou
Image by Aaron Burden
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