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Use our Hotel as a base for your club or group! Being right on the edge of Sierra Espuña Regional Park and away from the hustle & bustle of towns means that we're in the perfect location for a relaxing or adventurous (or both!) break for you and your club or friend group. You can see some examples below.

Discover inner peace in the Sierra Espuña with an unforgettable retreat. Early morning yoga, adventure, star-lit cacao ceremonies, Forest Therapy & more!

A perfect short getaway from the everyday hustle & bustle to reconnect with your soul. Here you can find a template for a quote or to use as an idea to what we could offer. Alternatively you could enquire with us if you'd like to use us for your own retreat if you're an instructor and looking for a venue!

You could use us as a venue for you and your biking crew to come and enjoy an MTB getaway.

Sierra Espuña is the perfect escape in which to do some autumn, winter or spring MTB bikings with the lads and gals. Virtually unspoilt, loads of trails to choose from with a mix of technical and fast, and during the week you'll rarely see anoother soul so no queues of bikes backed up.

Post ride, there is plenty of chill-out space at La Mariposa, something cold from the bar & a nice dinner to finish the day off nicely before rinse, wash, repeat.

Here you can find an example template.

Come and discover Sierra Espuña with your walking club when the weather is perfect in the colourful springtime or ever-green autumn. A perfect nature getaway for a long weekend with your friends in the picturesque Sierra Espuña. With a plethora of trails criss-crossing all over the park and fabulous unknown corners where the view is something special, this really isn't something to be missed.

A guide can be arranged for you, or our staff would be more than happy to go through a map with you if you'd prefer try it solo!

Here you can find an example template to see what we can offer, and prices.

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